Update: Modular Rigging System – Select Skin Joint

A lot of people have been asking to identify which skin joints to be selected to skin their geometry. With the latest version of the tool, a Skin Joints Set is created now along with the Rig. This set contains all the joints that are to be skinned to your character geometry. You can select the skin joints with “Edit>Select Skin Joint” menu in both the Main UI & the AutoRigger UI. Unfortunately for existing rigs, we cannot provide a script to select the skin joints. The reason being: Each user can customize the naming and the skin joints cannot be identified without some additional steps in their creation which are not present in the current version of the tool.

Tip for people who want to make a list of skin joints for existing characters:
1. Update Modular Rigging System to latest version.
2. In a new scene create a character with the same name and options as your already built character.
3. You can use the skin-joint list created as a reference to identify the skin joints in your old rig.

Select Skin Joint Feature
Select Skin Joint Option

Download the Modular Rigging System here: