Modular Rigging System

CreatureRigs Module Builder
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CreatureRigs Modular Rigging System (A Maya MEL scripts Package) is an ongoing project to create extensive, modular and robust creature rigs. This system has been used on numerous characters for various production projects. It has been used on all types of rigs, be it realistic rigs or toon rigs.


• IK/FK Stretchy Spine – Stretchiness is blendable with volume control

• IK/FK Stretchy Limbs – Bendable Limbs with volume control

• Can build multiple Limbs and Spines

• Two different leg setup options (biped, quadruped)

• Auto Heel placement or Custom Heel placement

• Animator Over-drive Foot Roll. No need for the TD to adjust SDK’s

• Dual Layer Finger Setup

• Supports end numbers of Finger Arrangement

• Auto Scaling of controls

• Auto Naming controls based on what side the joints are created

• Eye setup (World/Local Inheritance)

• Dynamic tentacles

• Dynamic parent switching (ex. IK arms parent to different parts of rig) Auto Snap

• Creates all necessary groups for each Rigging Part

• Animator Proof (Sensitive objects get hidden and locked away, ‘Show all’ proof )

• Standard animation rig for any creature can be built in no time…

This system has been used on both Realisticl and Toon characters.


Future Updates

• More robust on symmetry and module creation

• More deep integration of ‘add to Hierarchy’ feature for adding modules

• Dynamic parenting limbs controllers to spine stretchy joints

• More different types of rig setups for spine , limbs , head and neck

• Minor bug fixes

Check our video for usage and overview of the Tool.