Curve Utilities

CreatureRigs Curve Utilities
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CreatureRigs Curve Utilities (A Maya MEL scripts package) is created for easy creation and editing of animation controls and control shapes. All our daily controls creation and editing tools compiled into one amazing tool.



  • Control creation at selected node.

  • Control shapes can be parented and replaced on multiple controls.

  • Controls with parent constraint with zero-out space.

  • Control axis can be changed

  • Easy Lock and Hide unnecessary attributes.

  • Create Curve Control as a transform or as a joint.

  • Interactively increase/decrease scaling on multiple controls.

  • Rename Curve Control shape nodes.

  • Easily save your custom Curve Controls for future use

  • Parent multiple shapes to Control

  • Snapping to selected position

  • Change curve color


Future Updates:

  • Any new shape type can be added interactively.

  • Curve maker will work with multiple shape nodes.