CreatureRigs Launch!

Greetings from the CreatureRigs Team,

Welcome to our website. We, a couple of Tech-Artists (and geeks) decided to come up with our vision of having a platform where we can put out our ideas and discuss with everyone. We are fans of open-source, learning so much from the community and we would like to give something back. The reason was created.

We are CharacterTDs mainly working with Autodesk Maya among other software. Check out our Tools and Rigs available in the Download section of our website. Go Ahead, check it out, have interesting fun with it and we would love to have your feedback on anything and everything.

In the Coming weeks, we will continue to share more ideas, break down Animation Rigs with traditional setups, showcase our own setups and develop/maintain Auto-Rigging tools.

Lastly, we do have our jobs but what we are doing with is a passion and quite a long-time wish. Maybe there should be a “beta” on our logo! Keep a lookout for updates!